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Resources in Collaborator Quizzes in Collaborator Surveys in Collaborator Workshops in Collaborator Courses in Collaborator Meetups in Collaborator Webinars in Collaborator Insert resource into resource Resource table Quiz creating. Quiz parameters Survey table Workshop table Course table Meetup table Access to webinars Complex Quizzes in Collaborator Programs in Collaborator Insert resource with embed code Creating Learning Resources Types of questions in quiz Сreating Survey Creating workshops Creating a course Creating meetups Webinars table Complex quizzes table Programs table Resource Categories Page Import questions from TXT Types of questions in survey Course Plan Webinar creating Сreating Complex quizzes Creating and editing a program Resource Update Adaptive page Copying questions from quizzes Confidential surveys Using workshops in courses Using meetups in programs Structure of complex quiz Editing a program structure Resource Conversion Files Updating quiz questions Importing questions into a survey Using workshops in programs Editing Course Creating task – Meetup Using webinars in programs Creating tasks-complex quizzes Creating programs with sections Content authors and co-authors Video Groups for quiz questions Creating tasks-courses Assignment to the webinar Creating tasks-webinars Passage complex quizzes Creating tasks-programs HTML Site Creating tasks-quizzes Using surveys in courses Creating tasks-workshops Assignment to the meetup Passage webinars SCORM Setting the order of questions in quizzes Change the text confirmation of the answers in qiuzzes Using surveys in programs Passing courses Updating a program structure Link Gallery Calculation of results for quizzes Assignment to the workshop Passage meetups Webinar notifications Presentation View Protocol of answers Creating tasks-surveys Statuses for courses Webinar statuses Features of working with eTutorium Passing programs Passage workshops Checking meetups Creating tasks-resources Quiz rules Passage surveys Features of working with MS Teams Status and results of passing programs Viewing Quizzes results by the User after passing the test Checking workshops Meetup notifications Free answers results Workshop notifications Meetup statuses Workshop statuses Programs report Courses report Quizzing report Complex quizzing report Resource report Survey report Workshop report Webinars report Meetup report
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