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MBO – Notifications

There are several types of notifications for MBO functionality:

  • on the new commentary on the objective,
  • about fixing objectives,
  • about unlocking objectives for editing.
    By default, notifications are sent to Email. If the portal has enabled integration with Telegram/Viber, a notification is also sent to Telegram/Viber to users who have connected the bot.

A new commentary on the objective #

When you leave a comment on a target, the system sends a message with that comment and a link to open the corresponding objective in the tree.
If a comment is left by the objective's performer, the message is sent to the supervisor.
If a comment is left by a supervisor, it is sent to the performer.
If someone else leaves a comment, the message is sent to both the target performer and the supervisor.

For the performer For the manager

The objectives are fixed #

A notification is sent to the Objective Performer when the supervisor clicks Approve on the Objectives page.

Objectives are unlocked for editing #

A notification is sent to the Performer of the objectives when, on the Current Objectives page, the curator clicks Return to Edit Mode

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