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Courses report

To view reports on Courses, go to Reports - Courses Report menu or click on the report icon in the list of tasks.

To select a report, the following filters are available:

(1) - filter to select the program that includes the course. The list contains only programs with courses that are used in tasks. The default value is "Out of programs".
(2) - filter for selecting courses. Only courses that are used in tasks are listed.
(3) -filter for selecting a task title. The date when the task was created and the task id are displayed next to the title.

The table with the report shows a list of all the users assigned to the tasks. The table has the ability to filter and sort the list (7).

All tasks added to the Course Plan are displayed as separate columns (8), each of which can be viewed as a percentage of completion. The grade for each course element is clickable, leading to a detailed report on the passage of that element by that user. The Final result column displays the overall result for the course.

There is also the Export to Excel (9) option - to download the file with the report in xls format


For course reports, the information is also displayed in charts:
(4) - Success overview graph

The Success Overview graph is constructed in relation to the status of the user's course completion.

  • Successfully - the number of users who have successfully completed the course. The status of task completion for such users is "Completed".
    • Failed - the number of users who have not successfully completed the course. Task completion status is "Failed"
    • In progress -the number of users who have started the course. Status of tasks is "In progress"
    • Assigned - the number of users assigned to the task.

(5) - the Course request number graph

The Course request number graph shows how and when users completed the course tasks. The graph is built from the first access to the course. To get information for another period, you need to set filters (7) in the table. The graph reacts to all changes in the filters. The graph displays two types of data:

  • Number of requests - bar graphs that show the number of times the user has opened resources from the course plan (Should match the data in the Report appeals to tasks)
  • User number - linear graph, indicates the number of users who were trained on the course by individual dates.

(6) - Statistics - general statistics on task completion

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