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Notification bar

In the portal header, next to the user menu, the icon of transition to Notification bar is displayed.

Notification bar is a dialog box with a list of new messages from the system.

The following notifications appear in the notification bar:

  • resource updates in the knowledge base;
  • reminders and birthday greetings;
  • replies to comments;
  • received thanks;
  • event notifications.

If new notifications have appeared since the last view, a colored marker appears near the "bell" icon.
The drop-down list displays 5 new notifications, you can go to view all notifications by clicking on the All notifications button:

Clicking on a new notification switches to it, and the message disappears from the new notifications dialog box:

If the user has viewed all new notifications, the marker about them is not displayed and the dialog box will be empty:

The Notifications page displays all received user notifications for the last 3 months (older messages are deleted). All notifications are divided into blocks:

  • Knowledge base
  • Birthdays
  • Comments
  • Thanks
  • Events

By default, the "All notifications" block opens:

You can interact with all notifications:

  • Knowledge base - by clicking on the message, you go to this resource in the knowledge base.
  • Birthdays - by clicking on a message with a reminder of birthdays, you go to the "Birthdays" page, with a filter by this date.
  • Comments - by clicking on the message you will be redirected to the page with this comment.
  • Thanks - by clicking on the message, you go to the "Contacts" page with a filter by the user who sent the thanks.
  • Events - a click on the message opens a modal window with the event.
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