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The Collaborator system has added a tool for identifying and congratulating users on their birthdays. All users can specify a date of birth in their profile and the system will automatically select when to send a birthday message, sort all users and show a list of all who have a birthday in the period of two weeks, send a reminder of the employees' birthdays.

"Birthdays" menu

The menu is accessed through the Information - Birthdays menu.
The menu is accessible and enabled for each site by the Birthdays module.

The "Birthdays" page by default, displays a list of all system users who have had a birthday earlier (period one week ago by default) (1), today (2) and will have a birthday later (period one week ahead by default) (3).
Filter by calendar is also available (4).

"Today's Birthday Celebration" widget

On the main page displays a widget with users whose birthday today.
The settings of this widget in detail can be found here - Home page widgets

Email about birthdays

All users receive a message of congratulations on their birthday.

The message is sent using the Happy Birthday template. You can edit the message text (find more in Notification templates setting).

Automatically sends reminders about employees' birthdays (connections between users are determined by the Organizational structure)

Birthday mailing lists are generated according to the structure and settings of the Birthday settings.

Setting up Birthday notifications

By default, notifications are sent and the block is displayed in the widget Birthday today colleagues (users are located in one folder of the structure). If the role is a managerial one, then managers in other folders will also be colleagues.
In the settings, the option "Ignore organizational structure" is disabled and no groups by folder codes of the organizational structure are specified.

It is also possible to further customize the sending of notifications to groups:

Rules of creating groups:

In this format, groups are formed by organizational structure folders.
Each group corresponds to an array of folder objects enclosed in square brackets [].
You can create several groups with overlapping mailings (as in the example).
Each folder is represented as a record:

{id:142, title:"Department 1",addressee:"this"}

id - Organizational structure folder code
title - any text, we recommend specifying the name or path to the folder - it will help to navigate the text
addressee - type of addressees.
all - all people from this folder and all its subfolders will be recursively included in the group.
this - all users from this folder will be included in the group, nested folders will not be viewed.
director - only managers from this folder will be included in the group, other people will not be included, nested folders will not be viewed.

In the example on the screenshot, a notification about the director's birthday from Department 2 will be sent to all employees in Department 1. And the notification about the birthday of an employee from Department 4 will be sent to all employees of Department 3 (and its subfolders) and other members of Department 4

If you want to send messages with birthday reminders to all users about all users, you need to specify an access group with the root folder of the organizational structure in the settings. In this case, the option "Ignore organizational structure" should be disabled.

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