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Criteria groups

Criteria are questions or statements that are behavioral indicators that can be used to assess whether an employee has a certain competency, training, skills, etc.

In LMS Collaborator, criteria are combined into groups.
Criteria groups combine criteria according to their relation to a certain competence, skill, meaning group.

Criteria groups are used in the system to create checklists and evaluation (360,180, feedback collection, etc.).

Criteria formulation

The criteria should cover the core competencies you want to assess. The more important the competency, the more questions-affirmations should reveal it. It is very important that the criteria themselves are clear, unambiguous, and do not contain complex or ambiguous terms.

That is, the following rules should be followed when drafting affirmation questions:

  • avoid terms and ambiguities,
  • use comprehensible words,
  • avoid extremes.

Creating and completing criteria groups

You can go to the evaluation criteria management page from the Assessment - Criteria groups menu.

The Criteria groups page displays a table with a list of all previously created groups.

The table displays group names and descriptions (1), a list of criteria in groups (2), tags (3), and group creation dates (4). Search by name, group description, criteria, and creation date is available.

Available action buttons:

  • criteria group editing (5);
  • duplicate a criteria group (6) - a copy of the criteria group with all criteria will be created;
  • remove a criteria group (7) - the group with all attached criteria will be removed.

Clicking the "Create" button (8) will open the Group creation form, where you need to fill in the name and description of the Group.

After saving the form, the page of the created group will open, where the criteria added to it will be displayed. Click on the "Add criterion" button to open the page for creating/editing a new criterion that will be included in this group.

Each criterion is a confirmation question. It is recommended to enter a short version of the question in the title field.

You can add a description to each criterion. This way you can clarify the essence of the criterion or explain to the respondent how to evaluate it.

The description of the criterion is displayed during the questionnaire.

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