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Evaluation scales

Evaluation scale is a range of scores by which the criteria in a checklist questionnaire can be evaluated (find more in Checklists) or personnel evaluations (find more in Evaluation).

Recommendations for creating an evaluation scale #

There are many recommendations for making Evaluation Scales. The most common recommendations are listed below. However, each organization may have different evaluation methodologies and the scale may be different.

Evaluation scale creation #

To create a scale, select the menu Assessment - Settings - Evaluation scales.

This will open a table with a list of previously created scales.
On the page that opens, click on the "Create" button. The scale editing form will open:

(1) - Title - a required field.
(2) - Description - optional field. In the field you can describe in detail each value of the scale, the conditions for selecting a score, etc.
The scale is designed to form a numerical result of the criterion evaluation. Therefore, each scale contains several options, assessment levels, each having the following parameters:
(3) - Evalutation scale title - The title of the evaluation option. The name must disclose the meaning of the evaluation option.
(4) - Alias - the display of a rating option for the user. This is a short text value that allows the user to display a rating option, such as "Excellent" or "Strongly Agree"..
(5) - Numeric value - value that will be used in calculating the result of the survey. The numeric value can be any non-negative number starting from "zero".
(6) - Actions - buttons for removing evaluation mark removing.
(6) - Add variant - button for creating an additional evaluation option.

After making all the necessary changes you need to save the scale.

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