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Importing structure from Active Directory

Import of the structure from Active Directory is available in the integration settings and can be set in automatic mode by schedule.
Import algorithm:
1) the system selects all users (members of Base DN and according to the set Member of filter)
2) the system selects all OUs (included in Base DN)
3) parses the CN attribute of users and OUs
4) builds a structure folder tree based on the hierarchy in the CN attributes. For example:

Base DN: OU=Main Department,OU=Root,DC=domain,DC=com
DN: CN=user1,OU=dir=0,OU=Main Department,OU=Root,DC=domain,DC=com
DN: CN=user2,OU=dir1,OU=dir=0,OU=Main Department,OU=Root,DC=domain,DC=com
DN: CN=user3,OU=dir2,OU=dir=0,OU=Main Department,OU=Root,DC=domain,DC=com

the system will build a folder tree:

 - dir1
 - dir2

and will assign users to folders:

user1 в dir0
user2 в dir1
user3 в dir2

5) synchronizes the tree from the Active Directory with the tree in the system, i.e. if a folder is deleted/added/transferred, the corresponding action will be performed in the system's organizational structure
6) assigns users to the corresponding folders

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