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Request templates for career development

Request template for professional development is a prepared set of criteria that will determine whether an employee fits the requirements of the category. Templates are created for the relevant category and position.
You can access the table with templates by clicking on the Request templates button on the Requests for career development page.

The page with request templates shows:

  • (1) - list of all templates
  • (2) - button to create a new template
  • (3) - the ability to edit existing templates
  • (4) - the ability to remove templates
  • (5) - template publication status (unpublished templates are not available for users)

On the page of creating a new request template, you can specify the following parameters for the future request:

  • (6) - the title of the request
  • (7) - a description that will reflect its essence
  • (8) - list of text fields
  • (9) - list of criteria that the employee must meet.
  • (10) - include a list of internal training events
  • (11) - include list of external training events
  • (12) - enable self-learning activity list
  • (13) - enable option to select mentor
  • (14) - assign a template with a personal plan
  • (15) - add a responsible administrator

It is possible to specify which criteria, personal development plans or learning paths will be required. When the request is reviewed by the administrator or supervisor, they will not be able to approve it if the required criteria are not specified or the personal development plans or learning paths are not completed.

When removing a template, the entire history of submitted requests with this template will also be removed.

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