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The "Thanks" tool allows users to send any of their colleagues, subordinates, or managers a message of appreciation for work done, help provided, or any other encouraging text.

For this tool to work, you need to enable the Thanks module and give the roles such permissions:

  • send thanks (for all users);
  • manage thanks (only for the administrator).

Sending thanks

To send thanks to any employee, you need to find his card in Contacts and click the icon Say thanks:

When you click on the icon, a modal window opens, in which you need to enter the text of thanks and send it:

Receiving thanks

After the user sends a thanks message, the recipient will receive an email or other connected communication channel (more in Notification sendind channels):

Also, all thanks are displayed in the Notifications bar next to the profile of the user:

Clicking on a message or the "All notifications" button opens a page with all notifications. There's a separate tab called "Thanks".
You can see all thanks received with the text, sender and date of receipt:

Clicking on a particular thank you takes you to the sender's card on the contact page.

Thanks moderation

For the administrator (the role with the "manage thanks"permission), the Contacts page displays an icon to go to the table with all sent thank you's for all time.

The table displays data with the following information:

  • recipient
  • thanks text
  • sender
  • sending date

Table data can be exported to Excel.

There is the option to set custom Thanks icons. Please, contact Technical Support.

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