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What is Wiki?

Wiki in Collaborator allows you to create detailed guides, internal encyclopedias. The material placed in the Wiki will be available to all users of the system without restrictions.

Wiki content consists of pages that are connected by hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are indicated using special text markup when editing pages.

If a hyperlink leads to a non-existent page, such a page will be created automatically.

Wiki is featured by the following features:

  • The ability to repeatedly change the text using the wiki environment (site) directly, without using special tools on the editor's side.

  • A special markup language - the so-called wiki markup, which allows you to easily and quickly mark structural elements and hyperlinks in the text; format and design individual elements.

  • Record of changes (versions) of pages: the ability to compare editions and restore earlier versions.

  • Immediate appearance of changes after they are made.

  • Dividing the content into named pages.

  • Hypertextuality: connection of pages and subsections of the site through specific hyperlinks.

  • A substantial number of authors. Wiki may be edited by all users of the system who have the permission to "Manage wiki pages".

Wiki application options:

  • the company's handbook, which contains basic information about the principles, activities of the company, its rules and employees;

  • a directory of goods, products and other results of the company's activities;

  • a corporate book

Technical features

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