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Adding personal tasks for Personal plans

Personal tasks are personal tasks that the user or their manager/administrator sets for themselves (e.g., read a book, give a presentation, learn how to work with a new program).

To add Personal Task to a user's Personal plan you need to:

  • switch to Task management - Personal plans menu
  • find a user in the table and go to their Personal plan

  • press the Add button

  • add Own task to the user's Personal Plan

(1) - select the type of task Personal task;
(2) - add a Title;
(3) - add task content - using the WYSIWYG editor you can insert images, videos, links, change color and font size into the text;
(4) - add Task points - this fields are mandatory to fill;
(5) - attach a file if necessary - users can`t delete files attached by tutor or administrator;
(6) - select a task block (find more in Tasks blocks);
(7) - select a task type (find more in Creating types for personal tasks);
(8) - add Completion threshold (default is 0);
(9) - specify identification tags;
(10) - specify the Deadline;
(11) - indicate Evaluation method - self-assessment or curator evaluation (find more in Checking personal tasks by the curator );
(12) - saving button.

The "Deadline" block - settings of task execution time limit. There are three settings available:

  • unlimited - default setting, no time limit on tasks;
  • ... days since assignment - relative time of passage (N days since assignment);
  • completion date - limiting the task to a specific date.

The deadline of their tasks is displayed on the main page of the user's PDP:

The user is sent a reminder of approaching due dates by the Tasks - Tasks deadline expires template.
The "Tasks Reminder" option in training tasks is responsible for sending such notifications (find more in Tasks Reminder).


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