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Settings for comments in tasks #

For all tasks in the system where the Allow commenting setting is specified, commenting is available.

These are tasks of the following types:

  • Training program - commenting will be allowed for the entire program and each training element (separately) included in the program;
  • Course - commenting will be allowed for the course and each element of the course (separately)
  • Resource - available
  • Workshop - not available
  • Meetup - available
  • Quiz - available
  • Complex quiz - available
  • Survey - available
  • Survey 360 - not available
  • Webinar - not available

Additionally, the ability to comment on tasks is determined by setting permissions for roles

  • leave comments - works with the right to "view comments" - the user can add their comments, leave their responses to comments
  • edit and remove all comments - the user can manage comments, edit (all the time and delete), and also gets access to the menu Learning - Answer checking and moderation - Comments
  • view comments - the user can only view comments in tasks from other users, it is not possible to add your own comments and responses

Comments in tasks #

Collaborator users can leave comments in their assigned tasks. This way you can share your opinion about a training course, reading material, video or quiz.

The user can Edit (1) or Remove (2) their Comment within 5 minutes after creation. These buttons appear when hovering over the created comment.
You can also select Like (3) or Reply (4).

The maximum length of one comment is 2,000 characters.

Notifications about comments in tasks #

Each user who left a comment in the task receives Push notifications to the browser and Email if they received a response to this comment from another user.

In the profile settings you can disable the setting Receive notifications about comments in tasks, then notifications will not be sent to Email.

All moderators with the right to edit and delete all comments receive an additional push notification about a new comment with a link to the Moderation - Comments menu. You can also monitor all comments from users in a timely manner.

Menu Answer verification and moderation - Comments #

All moderators with the right to edit and delete all comments have access to the Check replies and moderate - Comments menu.

The Comments table looks like this:

The table displays a list of all possible comments from all Tasks and Knowledge Base.
The moderator can filter the list using filters:

  • in the table - by the title of the Task or Knowledge Base resource (1), by name (2), date of creation of the Comment (3), text of the Comment (4).
  • to select the type of Comment source (Task or Knowledge Base) (5)

The following options are also available in the Comments table:

  • Reset filter (6).
  • Go to the Task or Knowledge Base resource (7) where the comment was left
  • Remove Comment (8)
  • Mark Comment as Read (9)

    The menu for selecting the type of Comment Source (5) looks like this:

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