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Requests for quizzing attempts

Each user can request additional quiz passing attempts. All requests are collected and opened in the Assessment - Requests for quizzing attempts menu.

They are presented in the form of a standard table with sorting and filtering for easy retrieval of the desired quizzes. Each request can be accepted or rejected.

  • If you Reject the user does not get a new quiz attempt, but they always have the option to send a new request.
  • If you Accept the request, the user will get an additional quiz attempt.
    In both cases, an email will be sent to the user's Email with the result of their request - in the first case with a negative answer, in the second - with a positive answer and the opportunity to go directly to the link to the quiz.

The table has a column with information about the number of attempts already used


The administrator can add quiz attempts from the quiz report table, which is available by clicking on the corresponding button:


It is possible to go from this table to a report of all user attempts and then to a detailed test protocol for a particular attempt:


You can also go directly to the section "Reports - Report On Quizzing" and add an attempt.

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