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Answers for checking

Answers to free-answer questions that users gave during the quiz are displayed in the "Moderation - Answers for checking" block:


By default, this page opens with the "Only unchecked" filter enabled.

You can also open a list of only checked, or all answers (1)

Also you can filter the list of answers for quizzes in a specific program, course, complex test or task (2).

You can also filter the data by other parameters presented in the table Data by User (3), who responded, question mark (4) (is specified at the time of creation Questions with a free answer) date of response, etc.

Ответы на проверку можно выгрузить в Excel (5)

To check the user's answer, you need to click "Check" (6):


If a weight of 1 point is specified in the question settings, the evaluation options will be as follows:

  • Correctly
  • False

If the question settings specify a weighting greater than 1 point (e.g. 5), you must specify a score within the given point range:


When you give a mark, you can add a comment to it. For example, explain the reason for the unsatisfactory mark:


After receiving a mark, the user will be able to see a comment on the task card, more about this in the following article Free answers results.

If there are a lot of unchecked answers in the list, use the "Evaluate and go to next" button to avoid going back to the list each time you check the answer..


Users can also attach files to answers if the question settings allow it. In this case the files can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding button:


For answers that have already been checked, you can change the grade using the "Edit" button.

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