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In the Collaborator system it is possible to rename the names of menus, pages, content, buttons, etc. to more familiar and understandable for the company's employees.

To do this, you need to enter the System settings - Translations menu:

The Translations page displays a list of existing translations and functionality for creating new ones (6):

(1) - Origin - search by original (initial) name in the Collaborator system
(2) - Edit - editing phrases in languages that are connected to the company portal. The button opens the fields for editing (3).
(4) - Save - save the edited phrases
(5) - Remove - remove the translation

To create a new translation, you need to click on the Add phrase (6) button, where you need to specify the original original title (Original), as well as enter the new wording in all available languages and save.

Next, you need to re-save the changes in the client settings. To do this, you also need to contact Collaborator Technical Support.

The changed phrase is changed in all places on the portal.

Translation example:

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