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Tag management

All users who have the Tag: керувати мітками permission have access to Tag Management. For such users, the Tags submenu is added to the System settings menu.

The Tag Management menu contains the entire list of tags created during the whole time.
By filtering the Tag scope field, you can filter the tags according to the area of their:

  • user - all tags for users
  • resourse - all tags for resources
  • course - all tags for courses
  • training - all tags for learning programs
  • webinar - all tags for webinars
  • meetups - all tags for meetups
  • workshops - all tags for workshops
  • test - all tags for quizzes
  • question - all tags for quizzes questions
  • task - all tags for tasks
  • polls - all tasks for surveys
  • polls360 - all tags for 360 surveys
  • news - all tags for news

With this menu you can:

- edit tags
- remove tags

Changes made while tag editing will be saved in all areas where the tag is displayed. If you remove a tag using this menu, it will be removed from the system. If one tag is used for several areas, it will be removed from all of them.

In the table, a filter is available by tag and by the tag scope.
The filter on the scope of the tag works as a logical AND - if you select two or more scopes, the tags that belong to all of the selected scopes will be filtered. In the search by scope of the tag, you can choose a value from the list, enter it manually or by clicking on the scope in the table.

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