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Creating Learning Resources

Creating a resource from a resource list #

To create a new Resource, go to the list of learning resources and click Add and then the following page will open:


For creating a resource, the following settings are available:

  • Type (1) – defines the display and behavior of the Resource (Page, File, Video, Link, HTML page, SCORM, Gallery, Markdown page). This parameter is mandatory. To further create a resource, you must first select its type, since the settings are different for different types of resources.

  • Title (2) – it is recommended to make Resource titles as concise and short as possible. This parameter is mandatory.

  • Description (3) – a brief description of the Resource to explain its content.

  • Resource parameters" (4)

    • Tags – one or more words that allow you to independently mark Resources with short terms in relation to users, courses, tasks, etc.
    • Publish option – makes the resource available for use in Courses and Tasks. Indicates that the resource is complete and ready to be used.
    • Cover - you can load an icon image for the resource instead of the standard one (with an image of the resource type).
    • Image for task card - you can upload an image, which will be displayed in the task card, as well as in the knowledge base.
  • Upload files (5) - a tool for uploading files. It differs for different types of resources.

  • Saving button (6) - there are several options for saving resources

    • Save and go to the list - save and return to the resource list
    • Save and continue editing - saving already created settings and editing
    • Save and review - saving and opening the resource for previewing
  • Categories in the Knowledge Base (7) – allows you to link a Resource to one or more of the available Categories or immediately create a new one.

  • "Access to Knowledge Base" (8) - setting up access to the resource for groups of users.

Creating a resource from the course plan #

The course plan page has a button for switching to the resource creation page. Such a resource, once saved, will automatically become part of the course.
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