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Knowledge Base Management

General #

By default, there are no restrictions on access to resources in the knowledge base and all published resources are available to Users who have the permission to use the Knowledge base. Read more about rights and roles in the system in the Roles in the system.

However, there are resources access to which depends on the position, place of work of the current user, etc. For example, in this way, access to documents is organized only for company managers, and to training videos - for all employees without restrictions.

Restricting User access to the Resources in the Knowledge Base is available in the Information - Knowledge Base management menu.

On the Knowledge Base Management page, you need to enable the "Use resource access restrictions" option (1) and create access groups.
To access the page for creating an access group, click Add (2).
Depending on the settings, the access group is divided into accessible ones:

  • All - the selected Resources are available to all Users of the Knowledge Base;
  • Restricted - selected Resources are available for a certain group of Users.

Creating an access group in the Knowledge Base available for everyone #

To create such an item you need to:
(1) - specify the title - required field
(2) - add a description - optional field;
(3) - enable the option Available for everyone - enabled by default;
(4) - add the necessary resources to the access group in the table.
For convenient search of resources that will be available in the knowledge base, you can use the Title, Type or Tags filters that are specified at the stage of Creating Learning Resources.

It is possible to add resources to the access group:

  • One by one - by clicking on Add (5) next to the required resource. To delete a resource - click Remove (6).
  • Several resources at once - using the Actions button (8), which appears only after selecting resources with checkboxes (7). You can also delete resources from the access group by a group action.

All already connected Resources to the access group will be displayed first in the list and will be highlighted in the background.

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