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Knowledge Base Report

Statistics of users' work in the Knowledge base is recorded. The number of accesses to the Resource Categories and the number of views of the Resources themselves is calculated.

You can view the Knowledge Base report in the Information - Knowledge Base report menu:

The report on this statistics is presented in the form of a graph of Categories and lists of Resources that are included in the selected categories. The more often the Category was accessed and the more Resources were viewed in it, the more significant this category is in the graph.

By default, the Knowledge Base report shows the attendance of users by Resources and Resource Categories for the entire lifetime of the Knowledge Base. It is possible to filter the report for a certain period (1).
The Knowledge Base report displays the collected information on the use of the Category when searching or the number of Resource discoveries. When viewing the report, you must specify the desired filter (Categories or Resources) (2) to display the desired graph.

Category viewing statistics

When you select the Categories filter (1), a graph of the category tree is displayed by the number of transitions to categories in the Knowledge Base. The graph allows you to determine which of the Categories are most often used by Users when searching for resources. The number of accesses to the Category is indicated in brackets next to the Category names on the graph. You can also view more detailed information about the references to the Category. The graph is clickable, after clicking on the necessary elements (2), a table (3) opens on the right with detailed information about the Users who went to this Category and the number of visits.

Resources viewing statistics

When you select the Resources filter (1), the graph of the number of views of the Knowledge Base Resources opens. The graph shows the number of openings and views of Resources on the Knowledge Base page. The graph is presented as a tree with the names of categories. The number of openings of Resources in this category is displayed in brackets. The graph is clickable, after clicking on the necessary elements (2), a table (3) with detailed information about the viewed resources opens on the right. If necessary, you can open an additional table (4) with a list of users who accessed the Resource (opens by clicking on the name of the resource).

Peculiarities of information collection:

  1. Resource in several Categories - data on the number of views are displayed for all Categories to which the Resource is added, and they are the same.
  2. Moving a Resource between Categories - when moving a resource between Categories, the previous data on the Resource is not saved, only new data for the new Category is displayed.
  3. Removing a Resource from a Category - when you delete a Resource from a Category, the data is deleted and the Resource will be displayed in the "Out of Categories" table when you access it in the future.
  4. If the Category or Resource is not accessed, it is not displayed on the chart.
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