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Create Resource-file

Resource-files are resources created as uploaded files to a resource. The following file formats are supported:

Forman Icon
File - mp3, aac 4080ab30d26484fe28b6fe452daa73c3.jpg
File - jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, gif, odg 2d85f6b2a75539fc7403cf41370f1af0.jpg
File - pdf 1a354981d5edc555d7dc3c811f05e277.jpg
File - zip, rar, 7z fd1e2141e603f544d7d0091593583013.jpg
File - doc, docx, odt 5c8ea285d500750ac3eba70102a0da11.jpg
File - xls, xlsm, xlsx, ods 8043a279f939fd9aa38d6ed359d2d8f6.jpg
File - epub 6594de660c88e5e503f9fd7e56104572.jpg
File - ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, odp c90243d7ebc3a3cf7c2542d388a23c7a.jpg
File - vsd, vsdx

To create such resources select the File tab, specify Title, Description, Tags (optional) and attach the desired file using the Upload Files button (see 1). You can also specify a Category for the new resource (2) and define access in the Knowledge Base for users (3).
You can also allow or disallow uploading a file.

Examples of resource files:

Audio file

  • mp3, aac



These are resources in the format of pictures:

  • jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, gif


File - pdf


After uploading, the pdf file can be converted into a presentation. Find more in Presentation

When creating and uploading resources with PDF and PPT files, a message will appear and you will need to click Convert to change the file. If you want to leave the file in PDF and PPT format, then you should close the message that appears.


File - epub


Files for download


  • zip, rar, 7z

MS Office files:

  • doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx

Microsoft Visio:

  • vsd, vsdx


Uploaded DOC files can be converted to Page type resources in the same way as PDF.


File - ppt, pptx

Ppt and pptx files can also be converted to a web presentation similar to pdf. However, videos, animations, and links will not work in the presentation:

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