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Resources of Link type allow you to open external Internet resources in an embedded or new tab.

Thus, you can link to a Wikipedia or YouTube page and the user can read/watch the specified material without leaving the System.


Creating a Link resource:

To create a resource, you need to enter its title and insert the necessary link.

For the link resource there is a parameter Minimum frame height (1) - this is the height of the window with content, by default 300px. You need to specify the required height, depending on your content. If the height of the frame is less than the amount of content on the linked page, scrolling will be added.

When viewing, the resource-link will open in a new window or in the same one, depending on the option - Open in a new window (2).

The description of the link resource is displayed not only on the page with the list of resources, but also when viewing the resource under the content frame (provided it is opened in the current tab):

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