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Access to learning paths

The functionality can be accessed using the "Learning paths" module

To work with Learning paths for roles in the system there are the following permissions:

  • Manage learning paths - adds a Learning path item to the menu to create and manage a Learning path;
  • PRO version of the trajectory editor - includes AND and OR, Time Delay and Stop buttons in the trajectory editor (find more in Types and parameters of blocks)


If the complex quiz module and the "manage complex quizzes" permission are enabled, then the "Complex quiz" block button becomes available in the editor.


  • Use Trajectory reports - enables access to all trajectory reports created in the portal. In the "Training reports" menu appears the "Trajectory report" item.
  • User reports on training trajectories for themselves and their subordinates - enables access to reports only on the trajectories to which the user or their subordinates are assigned. Only the user's subordinates are displayed among the users assigned to the trajectories.
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