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Learning path creation

To create a learning path you need to use the following button Screenshot_1.png

After you click, the Trajectory creation page opens, where you need to specify the following parameters:

(1) - Title – the name of the trajectory (it is recommended to make it as short as possible);
(2) - Description – contains brief information about the trajectory, it is a text without illustrations and formatting;
(3) - Trajectory – trajectory editor. The panel contains buttons to change the scale and available blocks for creating a trajectory (find more in Types and parameters of blocks);

"Trajectory parameters" block
(4) - Short designation in the system – is used for administrators, it is displayed as an additional tag in the tasks that are used in the trajectory;
(5) - Publish - setting up the trajectory publication;
(6) - Apply automation rule - choosing an automation rule to assign users to a trajectory (find more in Automation rules);
(7) - "Save" button- buttons to save the path. Becomes active when the mandatory fields are filled and at least one task is added in the path editor and all elements are connected.


Selecting an automation rule on the Trajectory creation page #


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