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Assign mode

Assign mode section - setting up the method of assigning the task.
The following settings are available:

(1) - Assign manually - is the assignment of tasks in normal mode by the administrator. Enabled by default.
(2) - Free access via Catalog - allows free access to the task. Such tasks are automatically available in the Catalog for passing.
(3) - Submit request via Catalog - the task is available in the Catalog, but its passage is limited. To start the passage you need to apply and get the permission of the administration.

(4) - Paid access via Catalog - the task is available in the Catalog, but the passage is possible only after the payment is made. The option is available if the eCommerce is enabled.
(5) - Apply automation rule - connecting an automation rule to the task. Here you can select the desired automation rule from the list of all created and published rules (find more in Automation rules).
(6) - Use in personal development plans - if this option is enabled, the task is available for assignment in the "Learning tasks" list in Individual Development Plans. By default, all tasks are automatically added to this list.


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