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Tasks table

The list of all tasks created in the system opens in the Learning - Learning management - Tasks menu:

The list is in the form of a standard table with sorting and filtering options for all fields. A list of optional filters (1) is also available to filter tasks by assign mode and link to automation rules:

  • Manually - all tasks with "Assign manually" setting;
  • Automatically - all tasks linked to automation rules, regardless of the "Assign mode" setting;
  • According to the tasks catalog - all tasks with the "Submit request via Catalog" and "Free access via Catalog" settings;
  • According to the learning path - all tasks that have been assigned to users as part of learning paths;
  • All - a list of all tasks.

Use button (2) to activate and set reminders for uncompleted tasks. For more information on this function, visit Tasks Reminder.

To create new tasks, press the Add (3) button

The table with the list of tasks displays the following information on tasks:

  • (4) - title and description of the task;
  • (5) - task type;
  • (6) - tags;
  • (7) - creation date;
  • (8) - start and finish date, displayed for tasks with calendar deadlines;
  • (9) - number of users assigned to the task;
  • (10) - number of task assignments through a personal development plan.

In the table, the Administrator can perform the following actions for each task using the buttons:

  • (11) - edit task settings;
  • (12) - assign tasks to users;
  • (13) - view a report on the task;
  • (14) - view the log of sent e-mails on the task;
  • (15) - remove the task;
  • (16) - check the new answers to the quiz as part of the task.

As for all other tables in the system, it is possible to perform group actions here. To do this, select the selected tasks with checkboxes on the left and select the desired action:

  • add tag
  • remove.


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