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Mark scales

By default, all tasks in the system are graded from 0 to 100%.
If your organization uses other scales for grading (e.g. 5-point system, ECTS, etc.), you can configure the grade conversion in % to the desired scale.
To do this, use the Task grading scales tool.

Creating a mark scale #

You can create and edit scales in the menu Task management - Mark scales.


For example, we created the ECTS scale.
When creating the scale, you must specify all the ranges within which the value can fall. This value will always be between 0 and 100.

  • Title - the name of the scale range, not displayed to users
  • Show in reports - the score on the scale, which is visible in reports and in the task card
  • Characteristics of a mark - text comment on the assessment
  • The range of task marks - interval of assessment values.

The range is set according to the following rules:

  1. The range is specified by numbers with a minus sign. Like this: 60-85
  2. There must be one range that begins with 0 (zero) and one that ends with 100.
  3. Range intervals must not overlap. That is, 0-70 and 70-100 would be wrong. You should do either 0-70 and 71-100 or 0-69 and 70-100.


Applying the scale to the assessment of the Task #

You can add a rating scale when creating a course or quiz task by selecting one of the previously created scales from the Transform result on scale list. Test and course grade settings by scale are also available when you create a Course plan and Program structure.


Scale score on the Quizzing report and Courses report


Scale result on My tasks page


Результат по шкале на финишной странице пройденного Теста или Комплексного теста

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