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Checklist statuses

Checklist task statuses for curators are statuses that are shown in the curator's training history:

Not started - none of the questionnaires received "in progress" or "completed" status;
In progress - at least one of the questionnaires in the task received the "in progress" status;
Completed - all questionnaires are filled out in the task.

Questionnaire statuses in the checklists tasks are statuses displayed in the training history of the user who was evaluated in the evaluation mode by the curator or by self-evaluation:

Not started - the questionnaire was not open;
In progress - the completion of the questionnaire was initiated by the curator or self-evaluation;
Failed - "Final grade" is below the Completion threshold;
Completed - "Final grade" is above the Completion threshold.

Formula for the result calculation

Final grade = SUM( Criterion weight * Scale score) / SUM (Criterion weight * Maximum possible scale score) * 100%

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