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Checklist is a questionnaire based on specified criteria. The checklist helps to check the standards and processes to be followed by the employees. But this questionnaire can also be used in other ways - to collect feedback from customers, assess the condition of the premises, the quality of the window display, self-checking, fixing errors, etc.

Checklist operating algorithm:

  1. Before creating the checklist itself, you need to create a evaluation scale («Assessment» — «Evaluation scales») and criteria by which the evaluation will be performed («Assessment» — «Criteria groups»).

  2. Creating checklists - creating a Checklist template («Assessment» — «Checklists»- Create a checklist).
    Fill in the Title, Description, Instructions for the Questionnaire, select the Evaluation Scale, and choose the criteria for evaluation. Each criterion on the Checklist can have its own weight - so we can distribute the "weight" of the items on the questionnaire. Taking these weights into account will calculate the total score in percent by the results of completing the questionnaire. Don't forget to publish the Checklist.

  3. Saving the Checklist template.
    All parameters of the Checklist can be changed before it is used for the first time. As soon as you start filling out the questionnaires according to this Checklist, it will be forbidden to change the evaluation scale and the set of criteria and the possibility of skipping questions. The rest of the parameters can be adjusted.

  4. Creating task-checklists («Learning tasks» — «Tasks» — Create).
    Select the prepared checklist. Select the necessary settings of the Task.

  5. Assignment to the checklists - Assigning Users to Checklist tasks.
    Checklists can be evaluated in self-assessment mode or by a supervisor. Depending on the job settings, the supervisor can manually select any employee/multiple employees and assign them as a supervisor for the checklist, or the supervisor will automatically be selected by the head of the employee being evaluated according to the organizational structure.

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