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Creating checklists

To create a new Checklist, click the Create button on the Checklists page.

The Create checklist page will then open.

Fields to fill in:
(1)- Title - mandatory field for the short title;
(2) - Description- a brief description of the purpose of the Checklist (what is its purpose);
(3) - Evaluation scale - choosing a scale for the questionnaire
(4) - Additional options:

  • Allow skipping questions - a skipped question will not be taken into account in calculating the result;
  • Allow comments for each criterion - you can leave a comment for each criterion, as well as attach an image, if necessary. All comments will be displayed in checklist reports.

(5)- Instructions for responding to the questionnaire - a text editor to create a brief instruction for the questionnaire. The instruction will be displayed to the respondent before filling out the questionnaire.
(6) - Attached files - uploading files for use in a text editor;

(7) - Criteria group - search and selection of criteria for the questionnaire;
(8) - list of criteria added to the questionnaire;

(9) - Tags - adding tags;
(10) - Publish - set or cancel the publication of the Checklist. By default, the publication is disabled.
(11) - Images for the Task card - the button to load an image for the Checklist task. Allowed formats: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, svg.
(12) - Save - Button for saving changes.

After the Checklist has been used in a task, some of its settings cannot be changed.
An additional message "Checklist filling has already started. Now some of the parameters cannot be changed" and some of the settings are blocked:

  • Evaluation scale;
  • Criteria group;
  • Allow skipping questions.

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