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Checklists table

Creation of Checklists is available in Assessment - Checklists.

The Checklists page displays a list of all previously created checklists and provides tools for creating new ones:

(1) - import the Checklist;
(2) - Actions button - the button is available after setting checkboxes for one or a group of Checklists in the list. Can perform a group action for selected checklists:

  • Add tag,
  • Publish,
  • Unpublish,
  • Remove.

(3) - Create a Checklist - go to the page for creating a new Checklist;
(4) - Edit-editing the Checklist;
(5) - Duplicate - duplicate the Checklist;
(6) - Export - export the Checklist;
(7) - Remove - removes the Checklist. The checklist used in the Tasks cannot be removed.

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