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Creating new notices

To create a new notice you need to press the Add button on the Notices page

Next you need to fill in the required fileds on the Notice creating page

(1) - Title – notice titles, mandatory to fill in ;
(2) - Announcement text – editor for a notice creation;
(3) - Attached files - adding images, for use in the editor.

(4) - Type - notice type (find more in Notices. Types of notices)
(5) - Options - Options block - selecting the Notice period and notice publication

(6) - Assign mode - assing mode selection:

  • Assign manually - is the assignment of notices in the standard mode;
  • According to the automation rule - is the assignment of notices according to the automation rules. Here you can choose the desired automation rule from the list.

(7) - Save button - a button for saving the notice.

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