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Simple notices

Simple notices - these are informative notices, which, after publication, are displayed to all users on the main page of the portal.

Simple notices are created in the same way as the other types of notices (more in Notices. Types of notices).
To do this, open the Simple notices page (Information - Simple notice).

The page will display all previously created Notices.
They can be edited (1), deleted (2) or removed from publication (3).
To create a new listing, click Add (4).

On the Notice creating page you need to fill in the following fields:

(1) - Title – the title of the notice, mandatory to fill in;
(2) - Announcement text – notice creation editor;
(3) - Attached files - adding images, for use in the editor.

(4) - Options - Selecting the Notice actual period, Publication date and publishing the notice.

  • Actual until - this period is limited to calendar dates (can be earlier or later than the date of creation) and determines when the ad will be displayed to the user in the infoblock on the main page.
    The Notice actual period field can be empty. In this case the notice will be displayed until it is removed from publication.

  • Published - is responsible for sorting notices on the main page (the newest ones at the top of the list). By default, the publication date field is filled with the date of notice creation.

(5) - Save Button - a button for saving the notice.

Simple notices on the main page of the portal are displayed as a list by default. If you have a lot of ads, you can group them by enabling horizontal scrolling in the widget settings (more in Home page widgets)

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