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External learning in Collaborator

Many companies, in addition to internal learning, also conduct external learning of employees with the help of third-party experts, specialists or organizations. These are additional online courses, advanced training, seminars, workshops, etc.

External learning in LMS Collaborator provides accounting and processing of requests for such learning. In the simplest case, it is the submission, acceptance, approval, implementation or rejection, reporting on requests for external learning.

  1. The Collaborator system has a prepared standard form for submitting an request, which the administrator can, if necessary, edit: change the required fields, rename them, supplement the lists of drop-down options for selecting the parameters of the request. Find more in Setting options for external learning requests.

  2. Next, the User applies for external training by filling out the form previously created by the Administrator. Find more in Creating requests for external learning.
    All requests created by the User are displayed in requests for external learning table.

  3. All created requests for external learning are sent to the general table for consideration by the Administrator or the Manager for their subordinates. The requests for learning can be accepted or rejected. Also for convenience, the list of requests can be sorted, filtered, uploaded to Ecxel. Find more in Accepting request for external learning

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