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Webinar statuses

Webinars - autocompletion works after the end of the task (specified as the date and time of the end of the webinar in the settings of the task) + 30 additional minutes
For webinars in tasks and as a part of the program status change works the same way:

Not stafted - the user did not open the webinar task, the user did not open the webinar in the program.
Started - the user opened the task and read the information about the webinar, and it is the same with webinars in the program.
In progress - the user opened the webinar and went to the webinar room during the webinar at least once (provided that the webinar has not yet been timed out).
Completed -switch from the In progress status after automatic completion.

Failed - switch from the Not started and Started statuses after the automatic completion of the webinar.

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