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Features of working with eTutorium

To organize a webinar, you need to create a new Task with the Webinar type. Be sure to include the title, date and time of the webinar.

You can add a description of the event and assign a tag to the task to make it easier to organize and search for tasks.

Just like any other task, you can place a webinar in the learning catalog. Additionally, for the task, you can enable the Automation rule.

After creating the task, you need to assign users. Among the assigned users, mark the Webinar curator. Each assigned user will receive an email with an invitation to the webinar.

All you have to do is wait for the webinar to start and start the task. One day and one hour before the start of the webinar, each participant will receive a reminder of this event by email.

The webinar will start when the curator clicks the "Start Webinar" button. Of course, before that, you need to check how the camera and microphone work, download the presentation and all the necessary files for the webinar. The interface of eTutorium webinars is quite simple and easy to understand.

Until the Presenter ends the webinar (clicks the End Webinar button), participants who are late will be able to join the webinar. The role of the Presenter can be delegated to any participant. You can share your screen, videos, and conduct polls.

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