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My requests

To view all the applications that are in the system or create a new request, you need to select "Service desk" in the "For work " menu item.

The My Requests page displays a list of all previously created requests, as well as the ability to create a new request.
The table displays:

  • (1) - Request ID;
  • (2) - Name of the author of the request and their attributes (City, Department);
  • (3) - Text that the user added to the description when creation (find more in Request creation);
  • (4) - Name of the user to whom the request is assigned;
  • (5) - Request priority;
  • (6) - Request status;
  • (7) - Creation date;
  • (8) - Date of change;
  • (9) - Review button to proceed to the processing of the request (find more in Processing requests);
  • (10) - Export to Excel button to export requests to Excel;

The list is displayed as a standard table with the ability to sort and filter by all fields. A list of additional filters is also available:

  1. by the assignment of the request (13) - filtering is performed according to the assignment or participation of the user:

    • Assigned to me - active requests in which you are listed as the performer;
    • Created by me – active requests which were created by you;
    • All with my participation - active requests to which you are related;
    • For my department – active requests that are assigned to your department;
    • All active - active requests in the system (this includes all of the above)
    • Archive - all closed requests.
  2. by the type of request and performer (filtering by attributes City, Department, Position) (11). When you click on the filter button, the dialog box will open:

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