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Adding personal tasks for users

To add your own task you need to:

  • Press Add button in My tasks - Personal plans filter


  • fill in all the required fields to create the task;
  • save

(1) - select the task type Own task (only the "Own task" type is available to users);
(2) - add Title;
(3) - choose the appropriate type of your task from the list;
(4) - add Description;
(5) - add task content - using the WYSIWYG editor you can insert images, videos, links, change color and font size into the text;
(6) - add Completion threshold (0% by default);
(7) - if you need to attach a file;
(8) - set the "Deadline";
(9) - set the "Evaluation method";
(10) - saving button.


The task has been added to the Personal plan!

If in the Evaluation method block you have selected Curator evaluation, their name will be displayed on this task card.


The content of the task is displayed on the Own task view page

(1) - administrator's task
(2) - user task - can be edited and deleted


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