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Changing task status protocol

The Protocol of changes in the status of tasks records the statuses of tasks.

To view the Protocol of changes in the status of tasks, go to:

Process menu: Learning - System Logs - Protocol of changes in the status of tasks

The table displays:
1 - user data (name, city, position, department, tags);
2 - title of the task;
3 - type of the task (resource, quiz, course, workshop, etc.)
4 - date of status change;
5 - status of the task - completed/failed;
6 - result of passing in %;
7 - event - user passed the task, the task was autofinished at the end of the completion date, or the administrator assigned a grade (available only for SCORM resources - see Manually grade SCORM).

The table has the ability to filter and sort the list by user data, task type, completion status and event.

The protocol helps to understand when and why the task status changed. All of the protocol data can also be exported to Excel (8).

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