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Security log

You can open the Security log via the menu Users - Results - Security log.

The Security log displays all user and administrator actions related to data changes in the system. Records are added in the following cases:

  • The password has been marked as outdated. The user must change it;
  • The user has changed his password;
  • The administrator has changed the password;
  • The user has restored his password;
  • Automatic temporary blocking of the user;
  • The user has changed their account details;
  • The administrator has enabled/disabled the notification template.

The security log displays:
(1) - date of the event;
(2) - user data (name, city, position, department, tags);
(3) - event level (Low, Middle, High)
(4) - comment;
(5) - IP;
(6) - browser and OS.

The table has the ability to filter and sort the list by event date, user data, event level and comment.

When the user changes the personal information of his account, you can view what changes have been made. To do this, click on the Details (7) button, which will be near the entry in the Security log.

In this window we can see the detailed history of changes.

The setting Notify about changes by E-mail (8) is available for the Security log. If the setting is enabled, system administrators receive a daily message using the Users - Security log report template with a list of all changes. The subject of the email: Security log report for a certain day.

All security log data can be downloaded to Excel (9).

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