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Custom reports

Special (Custom) report - is a universal report with its own design and specific formation for uploading the necessary data from the system to Excel or Pdf file.

Special reports can be created by a user with the permission to manage custom reports.
Users with access to reports or training reports are able to use Special reports - make selections of data in available fields (e.g. select users or tasks, specify a period)

Peculiarities of creating custom reports:

  1. date_range is split into two variables: $dateFrom, $dateTo.

  2. The variables that we create in the report, available in the code in the array $data.



  1. Classes need to be written globally



  1. Use variable $pExcel for Excel formatting code
    Automatically performed:

$pExcel = new \PHPExcel();

  1. For parameters that select data from a query (Single choice, Multiple choice)

    • the resulting array (res) must contain two fields: id, text
    • For single choice, the value from the id field is returned.
    • for plural: a string with id separated by commas.
  2. To convert to pdf, use https://tcpdf.org
    To output to pdf, we assign the html code to the $html variable.


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