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Employees of the company can work in different cities. Therefore, the LMS Collaborator system provides the City attribute.

Attributes Cities, Departments and Positionsare necessary for the correct operation of functions such as: Organizational-structure,Assessment, Automation-rules and access to the knowledge base.

The Cities page contains a list of all cities added to the system for all time.

You can go to the page Cities like this:

(1) - Name- city search by name
(2) - Reset filters -reset filters by name
(3) - Edit - editing the name of the City
(4) - Remove - remove the City from the list
(5) - Create - button to create a new City

(6) - Remove - group deletion of Cities with checkboxes checked. This button appears only when the City is selected in the checkbox.

Cities are being added to the list:

  • while importing users along with user data
  • may be created manually

To create a new city in the list, you need to click the create button - + in the upper right corner and enter the name on the page of creating.

If the city is added during import along with the user, and then the user is deleted - the city remains permanently in the list until it is manually deleted from the table.

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