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Creating and editing a program

To create a new program, use the Create button.


Creating a new program:


To create a training program you need to set the following parameters:
(1) - Title - the name of the program;
(2) - Description - a summary of the program, , this text is not illustrated or formatted;
(3) - Briefly about the program – can contain formatted text, illustrations, tables, hyperlinks, and multimedia elements. It will appear on the title page of the Curriculum when viewed with the appropriate settings. It is created using the editor.
(4) - Tags – tags for the program. As with any information resource in the System, you can assign one or more tags.
(5) - Publish – setting up program publishing.
(6) - Code - allows the use of coding programs to maintain and compare the electronic version with the actual version in the organization (is an optional attribute).
(7) - Icon - a button for loading icons for the program. Following formats are allowed: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, svg.
(8) - Image for task card - a button for loading a card for the program task. Following formats are allowed: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, svg.
(9) - Duration of training – allows you to set the number of days in which the user is expected to pass the entire program.
(10) - Approximate runtime – allows you to describe the user's workload, for example, in the form of "1 hour per day».

(11) - "Save" button - a button for saving the program.

This is how the title page is displayed when the employee to whom it is assigned is viewing the program:


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