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Creating tasks-programs

To create a task using the program you need to:

(1) - select Task type - Training program;
(2) - select a published Training program from the drop-down list;
(3) - specify Title for the task;
(4) - add Description for the task, optional field;

(5) - Program structure - a list of all program elements;
(6) - Allow commenting option adds the ability for users to leave comments for the program and all its elements;
(7) - select a Tag for the task;
(8) - choose a Badge for completing the task;
(9) - choose a Certificate for completing the task;
(10) - specify the number of points for the task
(11) - limit the deadline for the task (find more in Task duration)
(12) - select the assign mode (find more in Assign mode)
(13) - Use in personal development plans - option allows you to use this task in personal development plans. If this option is not enabled, the task cannot be assigned to users in the PDP.

To create a task-program with the selected parameters, press "Save "

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