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Programs table

You can view the existing list of Programs in the Content - Programs menu

The Programs page displays all previously created programs, as well as available tools for creating new ones:

(1) - program import;
(2) - "Actions" button for group adding of tags, publishing and un-publishing, deleting several programs simultaneously (available only after selecting programs with checkboxes on the left side of the list (4));
(3) - program creating button;
(5) - switch to editing the program;
(6) - switching to the creation of a program plan;
(7) - duplicate - duplication of the program (duplication of settings, program composition, content included in the program). Copies of the content included in the program are not created. The word "Copy" is automatically added to the program duplicate name.
(8)- button for switching to Programs report;
(9) - program export;
(10) - program removing.

Program preview

To preview the program, click on its title.

Next, the page with the program plan will open. On this page you can go to the program report (11) or to its settings (editing the program or editing the program structure) (12). It is also possible to go to editing each element of the program (13).

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