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Strategic plans table

You can go to the table with the list of strategic plans from the Strategic plan page - button Actions - Strategic plans.

Next you will see the Strategic Plans page.

The table shows a list of created Strategic Plans, with an indication:
(1) - Title - Titles of the Strategic Plan
(2) - Author - Full name of the creator of the Strategic Plan
(3) - Created- Date of creation of the Strategic Plan
(4) - Published - Publication status of the Strategic Plan: yes (published)/no (unpublished)
(5) - On - displaying the setting of the Strategic Plan, which is set at the stage of Adding a strategic plan or editing an existing one via the Edit button (6).
(6) - Edit - changes in some parameters of the Strategic Plan that were specified when the plan was created
(7) - Remove - deleting the strategic plan
(8) - Locked - prohibits you from changing any target parameters. You can lock it on the page Adding a strategic plan or its Editing (6)

To create a new Strategic Plan, click Add (9). For more information about configuring the Strategic Plan, read here: Adding a strategic plan.

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