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Сreating Survey

To create a new Survey, click on the following button .
This will open the Survey creating page.

Required fields to fill in:
(1) - Title — a mandatory parameter;
(2) - Description — briefly about the content of the task, an optional parameter, but useful for searching;
(3) - Briefly about the survey — the text that the user will see before taking the survey. Here you can write the rules for taking the survey or other important information that will help you take the survey;
(4) - Options block

  • Publish - checkbox for publishing a survey;
  • Confidentially - only the author can see the results of this survey;
  • Allow results reviewing - allows users to view the overall results of the survey after answering all survey questions in a task;
  • Anonymous survey - the survey results will not show how each user responded, only the overall results will be displayed.

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