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Importing questions into a survey

It is possible to import questions into surveys from a text file in Collaborator. To do this, you need to prepare a TXT file of the following format:

1. What do you need to have in order to restore your System access password??
(?) I need to know my login and e-mail
(?) Only my email is enough
(?) It is enough to specify my login in the system

2. Specify what information is necessary to successfully register in the system?
(?) My personal email account 
(?) The electronic mail address (email) of my organization or department 
(?) My email password

3. Which of the following information must be specified in your profile in the system?
(!) Second name
(!) Birthday
(!) Password
(!) Middle name

4. Where can you see the news?

It is possible to import the following questions:

  • Single question;
  • Multiple questions;
  • Free-type questions

It all depends on the markup symbols displayed next to each answer variant. The following markup is used to represent single or multiple answers:

(?) - single question ( the first and the second one in the example)
(!) - multiple questions ( the third one in the example)

If there are no answer variant, it will be considered a free-type question (the fourth one in the example).

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