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Creating workshops

To create a new workshop, press the following button Create.
The Create Workshop page will then open.
Fields to fill in:

  • Title (1) - a mandatory field which carries the title of the workshop;
  • Description (2)- short description for the workshop;
  • Text (3) - a text editor to generate a page for the workshop material;
  • Attached files (4) - uploading files for use in a text editor

In the Options block:

  • Tags (5) - tags adding;
    • Publish (6) - set or deselect publication for the workshop material. By default, the publication is deselected.
    • Image for task card (7) - button to upload an image for the workshop task. Allowed formats: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, svg.
  • Buttons for saving changes (8)
    • Save - button for saving new workshop material
    • Cancel - button to cancel the creation of new workshop material


Inserting attached files into the workshop description #

To insert an attached image into the description of the workshop, press the Select image button in the editor and select the attached image in the model window that appears.

Other types of allowed files can be added to the workshop description as a download link for the user.
To do this, hover over the attached file, copy the link address and click on the Link button in the editor.

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