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Creating workshops

To create a new workshop, press the following button снимок.png
The Create Workshop page will then open.
Fields to fill in:

  • Title (1) - a mandatory field which carries the title of the workshop;
  • Description (2)- short description for the workshop;
  • Text (3) - a text editor to generate a page for the workshop material;
  • Attached files (4) - uploading files for use in a text editor

In the Options block:

  • Tags (5) - tags adding;
    • Publish (6) - set or deselect publication for the workshop material. By default, the publication is deselected.
    • Image for task card (7) - button to upload an image for the workshop task. Allowed formats: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, svg.
  • Buttons for saving changes (8)
    - button for saving new workshop material

    - button to cancel the creation of new workshop material


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