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Assignment to the workshop

To assign users, go to the task list and press the Assign button for the task you want to assign. This will open the User assigning page, which shows all users in the system.
You can assign users to a task:

  1. One at a time using the following buttons:
    (1) Assign - button to assign a user to a task;
    (2) Remove - button to remove the task assignment from the user.
  2. It is also possible to assign multiple or all users to a task at once. To do this, use the button for group assignment Actions (3):
    • tick the boxes for all the users you want;
    • the Actions button appears;
    • click on Assign tasks.
  3. Через кнопку Назначить списком из файла (5). Подробнее тут.
  4. Назначение пользователей по правилу автоматизации.

All users assigned to the task will be highlighted with a pink background.

It is important to assign a Moderator for the workshop tasks.

To assign moderators to users, tick the checkboxes in the Moderator (4) column. Only users assigned to a task can be marked as moderators.

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